• Jessica Vantiegham

5 Solid Reasons To Buy a Home Over the Holidays

Put those fuzzy socks on and let's go house shopping!!

Less Competition.  You, ladies and gentlemen, are the determined souls!  You're not sitting at home chowing down on rum cake or out spending your down payment funds on shiny new toys to stuff under the tree.  You are the few individuals taking advantage of your holiday free time off to lock up the home of your dreams.  

Motivated Sellers.  Who in their right mind would list their home around the most stressful time of the year...the holidays? You know who...people who have GOT to mooooove.   They may already be under contract to move into another home, accepted a killer job offer in another state or simply realized that they ran out of room for all their holiday decor.  Whatever the reason, they are determined to sell.  Which means they most likely will be more agreeable to negotiate on your terms. 

Uncle Sam.  Guess what is a definite PERK about home ownership?  Tax Benefits.  Closing costs, mortgage interest, property taxes, green appliances purchased, etc.  See your tax man on the specifics but look forward to Uncle Sam pinching you a little less come 2018. 

Viewing Homes at their Worst.  It is easy to fall in love with a home in the middle of spring when everything is in bloom and it looks like it could be the backdrop of a Disney movie.  Falling in love with a home under the proverbial fluorescent lights of winter means true love. 

More Love From the Pros.  Winter is still traditionally a slower month for our industry which means we have more time to devote to YOU.   Movers, inspectors, lenders, agents, stagers...we all have just a lil' less on our plate during the holidays.  Take advantage of it! 

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