• Jessica Vantiegham

8 Ways to Turn Off Buyers

1. Grab their attention…marketing 101. Literally the #1 reason sellers lose a buyer’s interest immediately is from poor online photos. I see this done every day from $200k homes to $2Million homes. Sad little pics done with a cell, out of focus, not enough light, toilet seats up, creepers in the background…you name it. Nearly 90% of buyers first view a home online prior to viewing in person. If you can’t grab their initial interest online they probably aren't going to take the time to call an agent and schedule a showing.

2. Pack your junk away! A cluttered home is the equivalent of telling a potential buyer that the home is just too small for us and it will be too small for you, too. Also…it’s really hard to see the potential of a home if the buyer is fixating on all your “stuff.”

3. While you’re at it…Cinderella the crap out of your house. Baseboards, gutters, air vents, windows…all of the commonly overlooked items that will signal to a potential buyer that the home has been extremely well maintained and it is worth every single penny.

4. Let there be a LIGHT. “There’s way too much light!” has never been uttered in the history of humankind…like, ever. If you don’t have enough natural light…invest in lamps and great bulbs. Pro tip: use lighting that illuminates at the warmer end of the color spectrum — 2700 Kelvins is perfect.

5. Wall of fames and blessings. Pictures of the kids, plaques with your names or religious décor should be packed away. Buyers need to focus on how the house could potentially be theirs, not how it is currently yours.

6. Retro is cool…till it’s not. The majority of buyers today LOVE turnkey homes. Most do not want tackle upgrades or live in a construction zone. If you have severely outdated countertops, light fixtures, flooring, etc - consider tackling these projects up front for more money and a quicker sell.

7. Staging…stop taking it so personally! Show me a home with impeccable taste and I will bet you $100 that any professional stager will still have a list of items that will need to be rearranged or removed altogether. Why? Because staging’s sole purpose is to highlight your home’s most sellable assets so that those professional photos look AH-MAZING.

8. Curb appeal is real. Don’t create a scenario where the buyer is already complaining about all of the stuff that needs to be done outside before they even get inside! Mow the lawn, paint the door, sweep the porch, lay down fresh mulch and trim down the bushes. First impressions are everything my friend.

Thinking of selling? Let's talk! My listing services include professional staging and photographs, cleaning and whatever else is needed to position your home in it's best light!

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