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Bourbon Steak: JW Marriott

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Bourbon, Steak, Nashville Skyline. 'Nuff said.

As most of you know, I am besties with a truly phenomenal chick that just happens to be hot with expensive taste. Which means…when it’s her birthday, you best have saved up your pennies and found a dress that is equal parts classy and call girl. This year she picked Bourbon Steak, an upscale American steakhouse with a 360 degree view of the Nashville skyline atop the gorgeous new JW Marriott downtown.

Now the JW itself is gorgeous, sleek and exactly what you expect of the “New Nashville.” Their restaurant, Bourbon Steak? The same…if the same had snorted several lines of steroids. The views are spectacular and not just from one seat or table…. from every spot in the space. If you’re not seated near the windows, you have the backdrop of incredible chandeliers, luxurious furnishings and beautiful people to keep you entertained. In fact, the picture for this blog was taken in the women’s restroom. You know your restaurant is hot if completely sober chicks are snapping their Insta photos from the bathroom.

Ok, know you know it's sexy...but what about the food? The cocktails were decent, but we quickly decided the original outranked their signature version of an Old Fashioned. Hubs ordered the Maine Lobster Pot Pie which is one of the top five most expensive menu items and signature dish. (Side note, completely related…please send your real estate referrals.) The cost was warranted…the presentation and feat of sourcing a decent crustacean in Middle TN should be worth its weight in Benjamins. Our entertaining pot pie expert deconstructed and reconstructed it at our table (a huge crowd pleaser) and the crust and goodies itself were delicious. The side plates are shareable, and all of us would recommend the brussels sprouts. The table finished those off as if were a plate of cocaine at a David Bowie party, circa '76. (Seriously, how did he live that long? RIP) The surprising appetizer was the complimentary French fries. Judge away, but those were...hands down...the best fried taters you will ever taste. They are presented in a set of 3 different flavors with their own dipping sauces. I’m jonesing as I type this sentence.

Would we go again? Absolutely. However, if you’re not looking to fork over a car payment on dinner and just want the experience of the panoramic views, visit their rooftop lounge…Bourbon Sky. Order the fries and a cocktail. Or ride the elevator to the top floor and take a selfie in the restroom. To each their own. No judgment here.

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