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Need to sell but your house is a hot mess?

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

We got you boo.

Compass Concierge

As most of you know, I’ve changed brokerage firms and am now with Compass. One of the main reasons I made the switch is because of this game changing, one word, beast of a program: Concierge.

Sounds fancy, hey? Like someone is going to show up at your doorstep and walk the dog, do your hair and make an appointment for brunch? The reality is this…the program is like a proverbial bag full of moola that they hand their agents to help improve fundamental or cosmetic items on their sellers’ homes. Why? So that the seller can sell at a higher price point and more quickly.

That is a statement that every Agent will say at some point during their pitch to any seller but, Compass and myself…we take that ‘ish seriously. How can we sell at the best price and as quick as possible if your carpet looks like an army did their basic training in your living room? Or if your AC doesn’t work, you can’t afford to replace it and guess what…it’s August in TN or aka Hell on Earth. You get the drift.

The really amazing part? We don’t charge you a dime to “borrow” this money. No interest fees. No upfront costs. You simply hire me…a COMPASS agent. We make sure your property is a good candidate, figure out a game plan of items that need to be addressed and handle it. You can select any vendor to perform the work… as long as they’re licensed, insured and able to provide us a W9 form. You simply pay back Compass exactly what you owe at the closing table.

I’ve already used this program on 2 of my listings in my short time at Compass. We’ve done everything from installing a backsplash to remediating crawlspace issues. Landscaping, decking, cleaning, carpets, roofs, windows, staging…. seriously, everything and anything you can think of that would help increase your property value; that’s a YES from us.

It was a huge moment for me to offer my client this program easing the enormous burden of approximately $30,000 worth of work that was needed to have it market ready.

So…even if you are not thinking of selling but know of someone that could greatly benefit from this program…spread the word and make the connection! Let’s Concierge!

My most recent listings using CONCIERGE: Mt. Juliet and Murfreesboro.

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