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Igloos & Icicles: The Bobby Hotel

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Love rooftop bars hovering over the Nashville skyline? Hate the cold? Bobby has you covered. Literally.

I'm a bit bias on this Nashville experience. The Bobby Hotel is one of my favorite boutique hotels in our city. It effortlessly blends trendy, retro and speakeasy without flaw or insane amounts of pretense.

It's also a great location to chow down any time of the day. Want breakfast? Try The Cafe. Bananas Foster French Toast and bring a blankie for the carb coma crash. How about a healthy lunch to undo all the damage of breakfast? The Kale Salad is the "Tits McGee of Rabbit Food" as articulated by my Memphis-bread bestie. Want a sexy dinner where the dim light will make you look a decade younger? The Tavern is your place. How about a place to have a nightcap to continue said sexiness? Hello! One of the star attractions of The Bobby...a rooftop bar complete with a neighborhood pool, an actual bus lounge and igloos.

The bus on top of a hotel? Very cool and innovative. Igloos with a heater and couches? FREAKING GENIUS. Ask a true southerner what is deemed "cold weather" and they'll reply with anything less than 65 degrees. What a brilliant way to coax us from our warm homes, fuzzy socks and hard earned Benjamins. Yes, it can be a bit pricey on the weekends ($400-$750 tab minimum). Solution? Invite the friends you know like to drink to split the tab. Sorry my sober people...bottled water and nachos will only get you so far with a tab. While www.opendoor.com says 8 can be seated comfortably, in actuality, it's more like 6/7. It can accommodate up to 10...just make sure you like the humans you invite because, like every good Eskimo party, things will get cozy.

You don't need necessarily need reservations for the igloos as they are first come/first serve based on availability...but that's more of a weekday anomaly. For those that decide to check out the rooftop without igloo reservations...there are firepits scattered throughout the space to warm your frozen tush.

Our group quickly mandated that there are only two types of people on the rooftop in 30 degree weather. The Firepeople and The Igloopeople. Normally I am against any kind of discrimination or bougie flair but once it started to sleet and the sad little Firepeople hurriedly scattered downstairs...have to say...life was good in the 'Gloo.

Huge thanks to Josie (who is emphatically NOT named after Josie and the Pussycats) for such great service!

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