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"You're Crazy"

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Yep, we know.

Nashville Skyline and Wine

That’s a pretty consistent phrase in my world. Not because of actual mental health issues. More along the lines that I just do not stay within the lines. What’s expected and conventional…that’s not really my jam. My man not only puts up with but, supports my particular brand of “crazy.”

Why else would we decided to interrupt a nice lil cush life in the Boro and move to Nashville? My husband went from a 5-minute commute to 30-40 minutes. Most of my business is still transacted in Rutherford County. Our 700 sq ft condo in downtown Nashville has cost us more than any of our 3-4 bedroom homes previously purchased during our lifetime. We were established in the community and have a phenomenal group of friends in the Boro. So, why in the hell did we decide to move?

Well, there have been days we have asked ourselves that but the simple answer is…. we wanted more experiences. No, we’re not going thru a midlife crisis. Or, maybe we are. Who cares? Everyone has their own life to live and we were game. Our kids are grown and have lives of their own. We're still relatively young. We both love experiencing new things. We both moved to the Boro from Nashville all those years ago. Why not go back?

Yes, we miss having our adopted family of friends and colleagues only a short hop down the road. Yes, we miss the conveniences of a smaller city. Yes, I’m working ridiculously hard right now to establish myself in Nashville so that my business survives and thrives. Life would have been 100% easier staying with the status quo and there would have been nothing wrong with that, but…where’s the fun in the status quo? :-) Plus…life is too short for long Uber rides.

So, next time you’re wanting to get out of town or out on the town, holla. We’re happy to have you over to enjoy all 700 square feet or meet up for an overpriced cocktail. :-)

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