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Pins Mechanical

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

When life gives you balls...play with them.

Oh, how we love this place. Imagine if Chuckie Cheese or Dave & Busters decided to replace the “kid” vibe with the “dog” vibe and brought every activity imaginable under one roof.

Don’t get me wrong …kids and teens are allowed until 8pm but, this place wasn’t built for them. It was built for us. The Adults. The individuals who pay the bills.

Pins is located in the Gulch…an impressively large brick building painted all black that boasts nearly as much outdoor space as indoor. The seating is comfortable, the staff is amazing, the bars are strategically placed throughout the venue and the activities are plentiful: bocce, life size beer pong, darts, ping pong, firepits, mechanical pin games (some of those do cost some money to play), foosball, patio jenga, and hashtag worthy backgrounds to feed the Instabeast.

They have every digital game from your childhood and they’re free to play…so come ready to bring it. Best part…Duckpin Bowling. Never heard of it? Yeah, neither had we. It’s like traditional bowling but, the pins are attached by strings and the ball will fit in your palm. Best part? You don’t have to trade out your cute booties for a pair of fungi infested dirt brown shoes. (This does cost $ per person, per game.)

Thinking of going? Here's some useful tips:

  • Dogs welcome. Kids until 8pm.

  • There is no kitchen on site. They do have scheduled food trucks (check out monthly schedule here). I hear Daddy's Dogs will have a permanent tent inside and if none of those options work for you...bring and/or Ubereats any food you like into the building.

  • Happy Hour Mon-Friday till 7PM! Hallelejur.

  • They have several bars and you don’t have to order at the one where you opened your tab (unless you're drinking something fancy...then each bar will have different options). Their system allows you to order a beer from any employee you see walking by you. Genius.

  • Parking costs a pretty penny and is a literal hot mess. #Nashville. If you find available free street parking, CONGRATS: you’ve won the Nashville parking lottery. There is paid parking in the back of the building and can cost anywhere from $17 to $50+ depending on the day, length of stay, etc. My advice: UBER or LYFT. You’re gonna be drinking anyhow. Throw that money towards something that will allow you to have fun and avoid jail.

  • Go to “The CAGE” and sign up for bowling immediately. There will likely be a wait. If they allow you to reserve more than one game at the time, do it. It will save you the hassle of waiting for another lane to open and having to move all your people and gear.

  • This place is hopping from opening to closing. They operate strictly on a first come, first serve. Read: NO RESERVATIONS...unless you're a large group of 20 plus, then contact them. Otherwise, be patient. Sip your drink. Make friends. Sip your drink some more. Pet a dog. Warm your bum by the fire. Enjoy the downtown views. You earned this.

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