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Taking a leap...

Prior to becoming a Realtor®, I was a Paralegal, Executive Assistant, Marketing Director, and Acquisitions Manager. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be a Realtor®, I would have laughed directly in your face with pre-COVID abandon and told you to lay off the adult juice. 

Having a steady income has literally been a necessity in my life since leaving home at the age of 17. The thought of abandoning that stability and jumping feet first into a commission-based career was 100% terrifying.  It was a huge leap of faith in myself...both personally and professionally. 

I had plenty of experience negotiating but none in a sales environment. Yes, my personality is outgoing but I can also be blunt and not the least bit comfortable being “salesy.” It felt icky. 

Because of this…my first year in real estate was rough.  The industry “pros” tried to fit me into a neat little box with their “proven” sales techniques. You know the kind: recipe postcards, long newsletters, short skirts and high heels, harassing for sale by owners and delivering the same old tired line of “SOLD is my favorite four-letter word!” No sir, it is not. F@#$ is my favorite four-letter word. 

I spent a year trying to do it their way, but the truth was…I was never going to fit in that box. I remember being horrified during one meeting when they encouraged us to select a church to frequent or host Bunco parties to help find clientele. Look…Bunco and Jesus have their place but utilizing them as a sales model? No, thank you. 

I finally cut ties with the box makers and found my stride. Started to focus on the actual skills that make a Realtor® good – knowing the market and ins/outs of each step in the transaction. I learned how to bring value to my community.  I embraced the fact that recipe cards are not my jam and began interacting in ways that brought me happiness and nurtured genuine relationships. 

I am grateful every day for this profession, especially now. We have all felt the uncertainty in our lives due to the economic halt and safety restrictions of COVID-19. Home prices are remaining stable, however, activity dipped sharply in April. Experiencing that momentary lull during our market’s “peak season” was a definite wake up call. Don’t take anything for granted! Not one single client. Not one single transaction. Not one single networking opportunity. Not one single referral…. embrace and give thanks for it ALL. 

Connecting people with their future home or helping them move into a new phase of life…THAT is insanely rewarding and why I go above and beyond for all my clients. Hard discussions. Lots of laughs. Tons of market education. A consultant with expertise to help you make the best purchase or sale possible with the least amount of stress and tons of excitement…that is my niche. 

A huge shout out to my tribe....all of you that have sent referrals my way…THANK YOU so much. My business is heavily referral-based and my success is the direct result of a lot of hard work and your continued support. I would not be where I am today without you. I look forward to hugging your necks soon or, at the very least, to visit with you in person...six feet away. 

Stay healthy!  

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