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The Green Dragon Pub & Brewery

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Best kept secret of the Boro. Go. Drink. Eat. Be Merry. But, don't take my seat.

The first time we ate at this joint I had just moved to the area and knew absolutely nothing about the Green Dragon nor its history. We took one step inside and immediately looked at each other like...huh?

First Thought: This is the where all the dungeon and dragon peeps go for a wild night out. Calm down my D&D players…nothing but love for ya. But...it literally looks like an English medieval tavern that magically appeared off the town square in Murfreesboro, TN. This was 100% intentional. You see, the owners (Joe & Kimberly Minter) had built it to pay homage to the Lord of the Rings and the literary works of Tolkien. Yes, my precious. Lord of the Rings. Random? You bet. Worth spending your hard earned moola? Every cent.

Since moving downtown, The Green Dragon has easily become one of our favorite places. The owners and staff always greet you with a warm but not overly obnoxious welcome. And although it's small and nearly always packed, we frequently run into people who have never heard of it. Which is a shame and a blessing. A shame, because the Green Dragon is the quintessential pub with a unique vibe, craft brews and some serious grub. A blessing, because we want them to be successful but not so much so that we can’t get a place at the bar. Selfish, we know.

Once you push thru the dark green double doors, you're greeted with a long bar complete with a "hobbit section" for the kiddos and, of course, there are rustic tables scattered throughout. I have to admit, we never run into kiddos but we also go at a time of night where they're probably in their pjs. It's first come, first serve and the standing room is definitely limited which is fine by me. It forces you to look up from your cell phone and have...eeks...human interaction. You can set up shop in the cozy corner and enjoy a brew and a book or pull out one of the board games and try your hand at drinking and strategizing simultaneously. (Good luck with that.) Some nights they have a live harpist (yes, you read that right) or some other talented performer to serenade you. While it may be small in size, it's huge on ambiance.

The owners have started to create their own fermented concoctions in their brewhouse behind the pub, something they had always planned on incorporating at some point once they got established. Whether it's theirs, a local brewery or some imported hops...they always manage to steer us towards something new and tasty each time. Did I mention the grub? Yep...it's a pub but the grub is not your standard greasy fries and overcooked burger to sop up the alcohol. My faves range from the cheese plate (stinky cheese...the freakin' best), pretzels and mustard sauce and....the soup. The SOUP. It is ridiculous!! Fresh, creative, and always super-hot with the best grain bread. None of that sound good? They have amazing sandwiches and varied plates. The staff persuaded me to try a peanut butter and spinach sandwich one night. Sounds disgusting, right? I promise you…if Elvis ever ate anything remotely healthy in his day, this would have been it.

That’s the thing though. It’s the most unexpected place with the most unexpected grub.

This place gets all the thumbs up. If you haven’t tried it, you absolutely should. But, don’t take our spot at the bar.

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