• Jessica Vantiegham

Urban Cowboy

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Boots definitely NOT required.

Bringing you fine folks an East Nashville staple that you will LOVE. It’s like visiting a good friend’s house that has a bomb ass back patio with firepits, comfy seating and phenomenal bartenders. The cocktails are so good that you'll want to pitch a tent in the parking lot and send in a change of address to the USPS. Actually, you don’t have to pitch a tent…you can just book one of their suites in the main house. Yep…that’s right…it’s a B&B with a bar open to the public out back. It’s a place where you invite friends, make new friends and spend the entire day hanging out and then crawl upstairs to crash.

When you first roll up to it you may think Google glitched…all you see are cute bungalows and streets lined with cars. That’s East Nashville for you…home to the best hidden treasures of the city.

The Victorian mansion is the actual B&B and the Public House Bar is located out back in the stable house. There’s parking near the Bar but street parking may be your best bet. They no longer serve food at the Bar but there is a FABULOUS joint across the street that serves up phenomenal pizza…Italia. A friend put us onto the meatball pizza and it is delish. Zero carbs. Promise. Ha ha ha. LIES. All lies. CARBS galore. If you want more of a “foodie” experience….make reservations at the Lockeland Table…also, just across the street.

Go. Make a day trip or a quick weekend away with your special someone. Invite a few friends. Brink a comfy sweater or wrap up in one of their blankets. ORDER THE HOT TODDY. Seriously. Order it.

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